Air motor to drive tipper canvas

Acceval provides air motor to drive tipper canvas.

Pneumatic motor-reducer
Pneumatic motor-reducer

Nominal specifications

  • Max. power: 0.3Kw
  • Speed at max. power: 48 Rpm.
  • Torque at max. power: 60 Nm.
  • Max. static torque: 120 Nm.
  • Max. free speed: 96 Rpm.
  • Pressure for these values: 6.3 Bar.
  • Air consumptions (P.atm.): 12.5 l/seg.

Practical performance

  • Practical performance of Acceval MRN-2B air motor is directly depending on the supplied air flow
  • The air motor location on the frontal-upper side of tipper, into the drive box kit, implicates a very long air feeding of the tubes and, therefore, an air flow limitation to feed the air motor
  • To get the correct working of canvas drive system, the pneumatic circuit to drive the air motor has to be according to the attached schemes: a minimum external diameter of 10 mm for the tubes (8 mm internal) and pneumatic valves + lubricator according to these tubes (1/4’’BSP as a reference). See installation details…
  • With this condition, the input air flow of the air motor could reach around 55-60% of its max. nominal air flow, and the obtained max. torque could be also around this value. This performance was checked and esteemed correct in most tipper canvas systems guided by roller skates
  • If non-sufficient performance is observed, it can be powered using a more diameter tubes (e.g. 12/9 mm).