The ACCEVAL BCB-1 Control Box (*) is used to control the TPRS (Tire Pressure Refill System) of trailers and semi-trailers.


  • Maintain preset tyre pressures to minimise tyre wear.
  • Maximise fuel economy.
  • Avoid possible tyre blowouts.
  • Minimise tyre maintenance time.
  • Avoid downtime due to punctures.

(*) EMC R10 Certificate

How does it work?

BCB-1 takes compressed air from the vehicle’s pneumatic system and, when necessary, refills the wheels with air through its connection to the TPRS wheel elements (stators, rotors, hoses, etc.) that are not part of the Control Box.

System Components

Uniones Rotatorias Luz de Aviso Caja de Control BCB-1
Rotary Unions Warning Light Control Box BCB-1
Latiguillos Estatores
Hoses Stators

Installation and Connection TPRS ACCEVAL

The Control Box should be installed in a protected and easily accessible area in the vehicle.

Instalación TPRS ACCEVAL



  • Air inlet
  • Air outlet
  • Power cable (warning light)

No power supply required


UKAS AND ISO 9001 UCA Conformity Production
ISO 9001:2015 Conformity Production

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